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About Tricee Thomas

Tricee Thomas Agency was founded in 2003 by Tricee Thomas and since then has been a very fashionable and reputable company from coast to coast. 


Tricee  started her infatuation with the fashion industry at a very young age.  Before heading into the art and design aspect of the industry, she had pursued a modeling career in New York where she booked print work and a variety of fashion and trade show.  During this time her love for beautiful garments started to take over her ambition as well as the behind the scenes facets of the apparel trade.

Tricee graduated from the well-known Fashion Institute of Technology in New York city where she received her education in creativity, design and fabric styling.  While in New York, Tricee had the opportunity to work with major design houses and fashion productions during several New York’s fabulous Fashion Week.

In 2000 Tricee relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana with her family.  She then made it a passion and a promise to bring the Midwest into the realm of high fashion. Her fashion agency was the first Indiana based full service style agency.  In recent additions per client’s request, Tricee has stretched her fashion talent to the Arizona market.  The Agency not only house the best Wardrobe Stylists but the best fashion and creative Professionals hand-picked by Tricee herself.

Since moving to downtown Phoenix, Arizona, Tricee founded The Garment League, a non profit organization, an organization who's mission is focused on continued fashion education and accessible fashion resources.  The Garment League is also known for the production of the On Central Downtown Phoenix Fashion & Art Weekend, an annual highly anticipated designer showcase. 

There many years behind her obsession with fashion, from industry roles as Wardrobe Stylist, Fashion Director, Fashion Designer and Technical Designer to the CEO of her own Apparel Corporation.  This has made her an Authority in fashion.  To know her is to love her and one will appreciate her credentials, good taste, judgment and knowledge in fashion.

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