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  • Are any other Style Services included with the Haute Life Membership?
    The service included with the Haute Life Memberships is wardrobe styling. We recommend that prior to starting your membership, you schedule a style session with Tricee. This will include color/silhouette analysis and also determine your need. We also suggest that a Closet Edit is scheduled so that we are able to understand your current style and particular fashion needs. This helps when we build the core of your staple wardrobe. Please note that all services offered by Tricee Thomas will be discounted at 50% with the Haute Life Membership.
  • How do I access the members only Special Event garments?
    To access the Haute Life Member area, please click "Member Login" and enter your credentials.
  • How long is the membership?
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  • How do I renew my membership?
    Your membership is automatically renewed and canceled only upon your request.
  • What is the monthly cost of my membership?
    The Haute Life montly membership is $199 that can be canceled at anytime. We ask that upon cancelation that your garment bag with stylist selected goods be returned within 5 days to avoid being charged for the enitre content of your pull.
  • What is a Haute Life Membership?
    Haute Life was created by Tricee Thomas to give Client's a flexible and practical way to be fashionable. Members are able to partner with Tricee to determine best looks, receive style advice, styling for a special occassion and more during your three monthly meetings. These meetings can be utilized the way you wish. We have members who prefer to use one of their visits in their home so that Tricee can pull looks for every work day of the week. Others will schedule their time so that Tricee and her team can prep them for a special occassion. Prepping includes, steaming, accessorizing, dressing and every finishing touch to ensure a very beautiful and fashionable outcome. You may partner with Tricee to use your monthly meetings that make the most sense for you. One of the most fantastic things about Haute Life is that Tricee will pull 3 pieces hand picked from her studio and deliver your garment bag to you . What this means is that you will have 3 garments that you can wear and add to your existing wardrobe without breaking the bank. You can return your garment bags with your goods and have them replaced with 3 more pieces or decide that you can not live with out it (you will then have the option to purchase at the member pricing). As a Member, you are able to replace your garment bag 3 times in a given month. Our Members also have exclusive access to special event and red carpet apparel at manufacturer and designer cost. These garments are personally selected by Tricee and are reputable luxe Designers that Tricee has partnered with for many years. You can call on Tricee and her staff to help you choose the best fit, color and silhouette for your occasion. You will also enjoy a discount of 20% on any purchases from the Tricee Thomas Studio or website. From your staple items to your statement must haves, we've got you covered! As a Haute Life Member, you are offered a 50% discount rate of all Style Services offered. This includes, color/silhouette analysis, closet edits, personal shopping, etc. The Haute Life Membership definitely have it's perks. You are busy being the best you, let us take care of your appearance and image. #itsalifestyle
  • What does the 4 meetings per month with my Stylist entail?
    Your three monthly meetings can be utilized as you wish. You may prefer to meet at the Tricee Thomas Studio, in your home/office or with a conference call. Either way you prefer is totally at your descretion. Depending on what your needs ar for the month you may opt to choose several meeting types. We have members that want their weekly apparel selected so that there is no second guessing about what to wear to work or upcoming meetings. Tricee and her team are able to pull your looks for the week labeled by the day and ready for you. If you have a special event, date night or any other occasion that makes you nervous or guess about what to wear, you are able to use one of your meetings to discuss and coordinate the perfect look. Whatever your need, we are here for you with felixible times that meet your lifestyle.
  • Could you tell me more about the four (4) piece studio garment pulls?
    The studio garment pulls are garments pulled personally for you by Tricee Thomas. These pieces will include items that compliment you and your lifestyle. Generally each garment bag will include a dress, top, bottom or statement pieces that Tricee feels would be perfect for you. You will be shown several ways to wear your pulls, including how to pair them with items you already own for many refreshing looks. You are able to keep your garment bag and garments for up to one month or you may return your garment bag and garments so that Tricee can pull an additional 3 peices for your fashionable use. You can return your garment bag up to three times in a months period to receive addtional looks. If you decide that there are pieces that you can't live without, you are able to purchase any item at the Haute Life Member discounted rate. For additional questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.
  • What benefits are included in my monthly membership
    Monthly Member Benefits Include: ​ Three (3) meetings with Tricee Thomas. ​ Three (3) studio garment pulls at a time (maximum three times in a month) given you new additions to your wardrobe when you want. ​ Special Event garment pricing at wholesale cost. ​ Half price on any style service(s). ​ 20% Member Discount on all studio shopping.
  • Can I cancel my membership at anytime?
    You may cancel your membership at anytime. We suggest returning any garment bag pulls within 5 days so that you are not charged for the total content of your garment bag.
  • Could you walk me through what the process looks like?
    The Haute Life process is so much fun! You will definitely walk away with a better fashion sense and understanding of your style and image. Ideally once you have scheduled your Haute Life membership, Tricee will meet with you via conference, in our studio or the comfort of your home or office. She will ask questions to get an idea of your needs as well as your lifestyle. Your favorite looks, likes and dislikes will be discussed and noted. You are able then to start taking advantage of all your member benefits and garment pulls. We suggest that you schedule a Closet Edit so that Tricee is able to understand where you are in fashion, suggest pieces that work and those that don't, remove garments that will not evolve back into the industry as well as organization and ease of knowing what you have. This helps our team determine what staple items or needed as well as creates a virtual closet and inventory of your style. Once we have determined what classic staple items may be needed in addtion to your current wardrobe, we will suggest pieces that you should own that will make your life and coordinating looks a piece of cake. This is where it's great to be a member to take advantage of your discount for any staple items you may need without paying full retail prices. Tricee will research and pull three pieces from our studio that fit into your lifestyle or new look. Your garment bag will be delivered by your preference of drop off, pick up or by mailing service. She will also suggest how to wear your garment bag items and cool ways to pair them with your current wardrobe. Whenever you are ready for a new garment bag, simply call for pick up and we will create a new bag for you up to three times per month! You are also able to call on Tricee to help with fashion needs you may have three times per month. We would be happy to give you more information on the process and answer any questions you may have.
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